About me…                         About Sue Vickerman

photographs: Bel

I am a poet and writer who started life-modelling to make ends meet. It has turned out to be my best day-job ever. It feeds my creative life. My poetry pamphlet KUNST is about artists and models, illustrated with pencil and charcoal drawings of me by sixteen artists. My autobiography A SMALL LIFE, a sad, funny tale based on my diary notes, is in print (Cinnamon Press) and also serialised online here. Watch STILL LIFE – an 8-minute film short based on this tale plus blog discussions of the 1970s ‘male gaze’ debate. A SMALL LIFE is illustrated with colour drawings and paintings of me by thirty-eight artists. Its sequel TWO SMALL LIVES – a sometimes harrowing story – is now being serialised online, having fifty artist contributors. I am currently completing TRUE LIFE NUDE, the final book of my trilogy, in which I switch from life-modelling to art-nude photographic modelling. This will be serialised from December 2015.

I also write about people I know and things I do. Themes I return to are: the search for a raison d’etre, loneliness, death, our relationships with Significant Others, and the quest for love.

I am described by reviewers as ‘a bit anorexic’, ‘slightly suicidal’, and ‘an older Bridget Jones, but more edgy, more intimate, more erotic…’ It’s true that my writings break a life-modelling taboo because they refer to a sexual dimension in the dynamics of the life room.

Unless my books start to sell well, I need to go on life-modelling. I will travel anywhere – trains, planes, bicycle – if my expenses are covered. BOOK ME – whether as a model for you or your group, or to read my work at your literature festival or venue, or for performance art piece UNDER THE GAZE, at which the audience is invited to draw me and to discuss the issues thrown up by the life-drawing endeavour.

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