These are blog posts and discussions originally started by Suki in 2012/2013. They are being copied here from the original posts. and responses.

Artist and model – dom and sub?
1. Artist and model: domination and submission?
2. Life-drawing: spiritual, not sexy?
3. Drawing bodies: erotic, not spiritual?
4. Is the life-model getting off on it?

The skin-and-bone model
5. Would you employ an anorexic as a life-model?
6: Fat is not just a Feminist Issue…
7: ‘Greek god’ life-model spotted, Batley
8: What am I really hungry for?

Creative people and madness
9. Are creative people more likely to be nuts?
10. ‘I spent my life looking for my self’
11. ‘Intense experience’: spiritual or psychotic?
12. Let your demon speak

Ancient artists and wrinkly models
13. Wrinkly but raring to go
14. The puckered bottom
15: Whatever you dream, begin it… Begin it now
16. How old we look, or how old we feel?

Loneliness for Art’s sake?
17. Is solitude ‘the school of genius’?
18. The loneliness of the lone-working artist
19. A sorry little life
20: Is a solitary life a selfish one?

Creative life or family life?
21: Creative life, or kids?
22: Female artists can, male artists can’t
23: An artist who has it all…
24: ‘Family life’ not good for Picasso

To live or not to live
25: What makes artists top themselves?
26: The funny side of suicide
27: The enemy of creativity…
28: The elusiveness of happiness

Is digital art boy-brain stuff?
29: Is using technology in art cheating?
30: i-Pad art: by boys, for boys?
31. Using photographs: ‘bad faith’?
32. Has photography damaged us?

‘The Male Gaze’
33: Is ‘the Male Gaze’ an outdated theory?
34: Does ‘looked at’ mean owned and controlled?
35: Does the ‘looker’ have the power?
36: Is drawing nudes about beauty?

Gay model, straight model
37: Quentin Crisp and me
38: Not quite naked
39: Artists – more tolerant, or less?
40: Penniless artistes

Is life-modelling ‘performance art’?
41: Suki the actor
42: Is a seeping wound ‘performance art’?
43 The body: a tool to make art
44: Burlesque in the life-room

The Art of teaching
45: Those who can, do; those who can’t…
46: Did your school squash Creative You?
47: A revered teacher
48: The creative singleton – an odyssey?

Trying to live by Art
49: Revolution? What revolution?
50: … for Art’s sake, stupid!
51: Creative female seeks like-minded…
52: The road less travelled?